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Worst. Socialist/President. Ever!!!!

January 2, 2015


If a ‘white reTHUGliCON president’ did this, they would have already had him enshrined on Mt. Rushmore.

Worst Pres EVER2

Worst Pres EVER1


Worst Pres EVER3


Worst Pres EVER4




So is he the ‘red’ or ‘black’, “Ant Christ”?

Obama AntChrist


Worst Pres EVER5


President Obama cannot be reduced to a footnote in history, nor can his first term be labeled a mistake. His legacy is now secure.

And that’s what gets the sheets of the teabaggers, OxyRush Limbaugh, Shammity, Fox’s token, Herman Shame and reTHUGliCONS in such a twist.

REthugs before Obama


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