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To all those “good”, “christian”, Evangelicals who voted for Trump

December 17, 2016

Next week you will be celebrating the birth of Christ, not stopping for one split second to admit that Donald Trump is the exact antithesis of everything that Jesus Christ stood for, which makes you the biggest hypocrites on the planet, bar none.

Trump made a mockery of the 10 Commandments.

Not only did he cheat on his wives, but he bragged openly about it.

He didn’t just steal from one person; he scammed thousands of innocent victims out of all their money.

Not only did he bear false witness (lie through his teeth) against his neighbors, but he lied about anyone who stood in his way, all in the cause for money, attention, and power.

Not only did he covet his neighbor’s goods (property), he trampled right over them until he got it.

If you couldn’t have found it within yourselves to have voted for Hillary, then you should not have voted at all because by voting for Trump, you voted for the devil himself. Jesus would be ashamed of every single one of you hypocritical EVIL fucking idiots.


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