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But You Knew That, Right?

May 28, 2017


Hey, Trump voters …

Unemployed because your job was outsourced? Trump has all of his branded merchandise manufactured in low-wage countries, along with every stick of furniture, every curtain, every bed-sheet made for his hotels. Not a single thing bearing the Trump name is made by US workers like you.

But you knew that, right?

Those MAGA hats and tee-shirts you’re sporting so proudly? Not only were they made by a non-American, the money you paid for them goes directly into Trump’s pocket.

But you knew that, right?

At the time Trump ran for office, there were hundreds of lawsuits against him for failure to pay contractors who’d worked for him, or even reimburse them for the materials they’d provided at their own expense. That’s hard-working Americans he cheated out of their money – people just like you.

But you knew that, right?

Trump often encouraged men to refer to his own daughter as a “hot piece of ass”. He also bragged about grabbing women by the pussy as he had that “right” because he was rich and famous.

But you knew that, right?

While campaigning, Trump made racist remarks about blacks, Mexicans, and Muslims, and publicly mocked a disabled man.

But you knew that, right?

Trump has a “foundation” for which he has raised funds on the premise that the money would go to charitable organizations. Instead, he used the money to pay his personal debts.

But you knew that, right?

While running for the presidency, Trump disparaged all of our global allies – but praised our nation’s sworn enemy, Putin, at every opportunity.

But you knew that, right?

Trump’s campaign speeches made it appallingly apparent that he didn’t understand even the most basic things about how our government works, nor what the responsibilities of being POTUS entailed.

But you knew that, right?

So the question is: If you KNEW all of those things, why did you vote for him? And if you DIDN’T know those things, on what basis did you vote for him? Was it out of ignorance, or a lack of interest in who would be leading the nation? Or did you cast your ballot out of your own sheer stupidity?

At what point did you decide that an ignorant, bloviating, lying idiot was the perfect commander-in-chief? At what point did you delude yourself into believing that the man who outsources American jobs was the champion of the very people he’d put out of work?

At what point did you realize that a well-known liar was lying to YOU – lying about protecting the safety nets you rely on, lying about bringing your jobs back, lying about replacing Obamacare with something better and cheaper?

The buyer’s remorse many of you are now tearfully admitting to is falling on deaf ears. You are already knee-deep in Cry-Me-a-Fuckin’-River, and a lot of you will be neck-deep in the days to come. Some of you will drown.

But you knew that, right?

If you didn’t, you should have. All the signs were there.



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