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The vid slideshow of all our cats/babies rescued over the years.

Save this to use later. Awesome speech.

This is President Obama in Boca Raton, Florida – speaking about the effects of the new proposed Ryan Budget, taxes, education.. giving concrete examples and really explaining things in a way I’ve never heard from him before. I do believe he’s given up on bipartisanship, finally. The audience is going wild.

This Obama is unbeatable. Wow.

“This is where you come in.. I want you to call your members of congress, write them, tweet them. Remind them who they work for. Tell them to do the right thing. Each of us is here because somebody, somewhere took responsibility for other people. A lot of them did without so that you could benefit. That’s what responsibility means, and so you’re not just thinking about yourself, you’re thinking about your family, your nation, your future.”

“And now, its our turn to be responsible. It’s our turn to preserve The American dream for future generations. It’s our turn to rebuild, to make sure we have the most competetive work force on earth, to make sure that we have clean energy that can help clean the planet and help fuel the economy. It’s our turn to rebuild our roads and bridges and airports and ports. It’s our turn to make sure that every person, every child here, if they’re willing to dream big dreams and put blood, sweat and tears behind it, they can make it. I know we can do that. We can do that because of you. You’re here because you believe in your future. You’re working hard. Some of you are balancing job and family on the side. You have faith in America. You know it’s not going to be easy but you don’t give up. That’s the spirit we need right now.

Because here in America, we don’t give up. Here in America, we look out for each other. Here in America, we help each other get ahead. Here in America, we can meet any challenge. Here in America we can seize any moment. We can seize this moment and we can make this century another great American century.”

This is our battle cry. “Here in America, we can.”

If he keeps this up the repubs don’t have a chance.

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